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How it works?

Ekoklean On Demand provides a cleaning service for everyone.

ecological and qualitative!

Ekoklean On Demand is a simple, fast, economical and ecological solution that allows you to book a geotagged Ekokleaning as easily as a cab in the major cities of France.
Your order will be confirmed within a maximum of 4 hours, subject to the availability of an Ekokleaner in your city.
You have the possibility to make an instant reservation (in less than 15 min) or in advance upon reservation. Our geotagged Ekokleaners operate between 8am and 8pm. You can select your favorite Ekokleaners to ensure your regular or punctual services. You can also transfer your cleaning staff to us, we assure them your usual hours while completing their schedule, with a salary of 12€ net! (No more administration to manage, no more CESU…)
You always have the possibility to book an Ekokleaning thanks to the mobile application Ekoklean On Demand!

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You are free to accept an assignment or not, close to your location. Depending on your personal equilibrium, you can decide to become an entrepreneur with a self-employed status (micro-enterprise), to create a complementary income or to take a salaried status with Ekoklean On Demand!

Book your Ekokleaner and pay online

Choose the time that suits you best, order your eco-friendly and disinfection kits and pay
securely online.
At the latest 24 hours before the mission you will have the possibility to choose your
Ekokleaner on your customer area.


Take it easy

To provide quality housekeeping of your home to your demands while respecting the
environment, our Ekokleaners have the professional know-how and technical wizardry to
make it happen with EKOKLEAN sustainable products.


The presence of equipment and products in your home is your responsibility to
ensure that your Ekokleaner can fully carry out its mission.

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What you need to plan for :

You must provide our Ekokleaners with certain items to ensure quality cleaning:

The cleaning product kit and the disinfectant kit

A toilet bowl brush

Enough linen to replace it

A functional vacuum cleaner

Trash bags

Laundry and dishwasher product

A bucket and a mop

Microfibers or rags

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