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A cleaning for your rentals with Airbnb

Do you want to clean your accommodation and/or disinfect before or after the arrival of your tenants?

Book a cleaning service in your area and benefit from a “personal service” tax credit of -50%.

A household move with EDF Check

Are you leaving your home or moving in? Find a trained moving house professional (and save your deposit!).

If you are an EDF customer, benefit from a -25% discount.

Clean up after your work with MesDé

Are you planning renovations to your home?

Call on a MesDé professional for your paintwork, water leaks, etc. Then book post-work cleaning at a preferential rate. Our professionals clean the construction area and the rest of your home from top to bottom.

Cleaning for your rentals with WeHost

The WeHost concierge takes care of managing the rental of your accommodation and we manage the cleaning of the premises after the departure of your guests.

Less stress for you!

Banking offers for Ekokleaners with Caisse d’Epargne IDF

Are you under 28 or a student?

Join the Ekokleaners community and take advantage of the good deals negotiated with the Caisse d’Epargne for you! Benefit from preferential rates when opening an account and from a special Ekoklean On Demand reduced rate on your student credit.

Your microenterprise explained and created in 5 minutes with GetBiz

Create your microenterprise in 5 minutes by completing the information requested in their form. The Getbiz team processes your file and if it is validated, you can already work in 24 hours!

Take advantage of a reduced rate of €20 for opening the status with GetBiz.